Get to know the team behind SABAH.HUB

We aim to establish a competitive and innovative ecosystem to drive Azerbaijan’s economic diversification.

About us

SABAH.HUB serves as an Innovation Center dedicated to fostering the growth and advancement of startups across diverse sectors.

The company established in October 2021 through the collaboration of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The center focused on creating and developing.

Our ambition is to contribute to the nation's economic prosperity by nurturing a robust innovation ecosystem in Azerbaijan and positioning ourselves as a leading innovation hub in the broader region.

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Our Board

The board of directors is the decision-making team that determines the company's strategic decisions

  • Rahim Bayramli

    Rahim Bayramli

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Adil Gasimov

    Adil Gasimov

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Togrul Ismayilov

    Togrul Ismayilov

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Rashad Taghiyev

    Rashad Taghiyev

    Board Member

  • Rahul D Mello

    Rahul D Mello

    Board Member

  • Mir Fuad Seyidzade

    Mir Fuad Seyidzade

    Board Member

Our Team

It is a professional team that works directly with all vendors

  • Orhan Abbasov

    Orhan Abbasov

    Managing Director of SABAH.lab

  • Talifa Isgandarli

    Talifa Isgandarli

    Managing Director of SABAH.incubation

  • Farhad Pashayev

    Farhad Pashayev

    Managing Director of

  • Nihat Muradzade

    Nihat Muradzade

    Technology Manager

  • Sabina Vazirova

    Sabina Vazirova

    HR Director

  • Maryam Karimli

    Maryam Karimli

    Program Manager

  • Amina Malikova

    Amina Malikova

    Program Manager

  • Azer Amirov

    Azer Amirov

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Nijat Fataliyev

    Nijat Fataliyev

    Content Manager

  • Gullu Safaraliyeva

    Gullu Safaraliyeva

    HR Business Partnership Manager

  • Rafig Alverdiyev

    Rafig Alverdiyev

    Program Specialist

  • Haqiqat Aliyeva

    Haqiqat Aliyeva

    Program Specialist

  • Aynur Aliyeva

    Aynur Aliyeva

    Community Manager

  • Ravana Abdullayeva

    Ravana Abdullayeva

    Operations Specialist

  • Gunel Gasimli

    Gunel Gasimli

    Community Manager

  • Tarana Guliyeva

    Tarana Guliyeva

    Graphic Designer

  • Aytaj Samadova

    Aytaj Samadova

    UX/UI Designer

  • Jamal Rzayev

    Jamal Rzayev

    Program Specialist

  • Aghakarim Hamidzada

    Aghakarim Hamidzada

    Office Manager

  • Bashir Gasimov

    Bashir Gasimov

    Program Specialist

  • Hikmat Baloglanov

    Hikmat Baloglanov

    Team Assistant

  • Sultan Abdullayev

    Sultan Abdullayev

    Program Specialist

  • Gular Nursu

    Gular Nursu

    Program Specialist

  • Govhar Manafova

    Govhar Manafova

    Team Assistant

ur community

  • Hirelamp
  • Baku Design Academy
  • The Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • IERA
  • IE Business School
  • Startup Grind Baku
  • AWS
  • Wix