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How can I apply to the program?
It's very simple: just hit the apply button anywhere on our website and follow the instructions on the application form. If you have additional questions, just drop us a message.
I have a startup idea, which program should I apply?
If you have a startup idea and believe in it, you can apply to our SABAH.incubation program. In the event of a successful selection, we will work on your idea to develop it into a product.
I have a startup that has MVP, which program should I apply?
If your product is already functional and at the MVP stage, then you should apply for the SABAH.lab Acceleration program. We’ll develop your startup product and make it investment-ready.
Is there a minimum age requirement for the programs?
We believe that there is no age limit to become an entrepreneur. However, if you want to avoid any legal procedural difficulties, we recommend that you prioritize candidates over the age of 15 in your team.
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